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This Fatcow review site is hosted. From our many years of web hosting reviews, we are rating them a very good scores. By evaluating their products and using their unlimited hosting for our websites, we know more about them and experience it in first place. To make our web host review even better, we are providing technical analysis and testing in here. We checked on their product features and tools to make sure it works as expected. And finally, we have all the latest coupons for 60% and 73% discount, and even our own $5 rebates for those writing us their customer review.


Is Fatcow good or bad? is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world and they have certainly built up a reputation for reliability and quality customer service since their inception in 1998. They offer a full range of services and certainly have more than their fair share of happy customers, but what can you rightfully expect from this company?

This is a web hosting company established since year 1998 and that is over 14-years in business. They are famous for their astonishing shared hosting service with load balancing technology that delivers the highest performance and reliability. All their products are 100% green, this including shared hosting, all new WordPress plan, VPS and dedicated servers. These key features are making them one of the top web hosts available today.

Fatcow reviews on shared web hosting service. 

If we begin by looking at the most popular product that they offer, which is their shared hosting. When it comes to this, they are doing things differently from the majority of web hosting companies in that they only offer one plan for everybody. Now, you might think that this is a bad thing, but that is actually not the case because what it does do is it makes your life so much easier because they make sure that you have everything that you need in order to get your website online.

Their shared hosting comes with loads of space, loads of bandwidth, mailboxes, and a whole host of other things that you generally take for granted. It is also worth mentioning that their shared hosting is extremely reliable and is going to result in you not having to worry about the uptime. Oh, and if you have any concerns, then their customer service is also second to none.

The current homepage looks like above screenshot and at the middle they highlighted their products and services are carbon neutral and use 100% green energy. They are mainly famous for their unlimited shared hosting plan that includes impressive amount of features, here are the key advantages and why choose their service:

  1. It uses vDeck control panel with application installation wizard called Simplescripts.
  2. With unlimited storage and bandwidth (99.95% users will find it sufficient).
  3. Unlimited email mailbox and allows storing up to 500 MB or 10,000 email messages.
  4. Powered by 100% green energy from wind farm.
  5. Coupon price is $3.15 per month and renewal price is $7.49 per month.
  6. Include various site builder tools and mobile site builder too.
  7. Include online shopping site and online selling tools.
  8. Include search engine marketing and advertising credits.
  9. Free one domain name per account.
  10. Free 1 GB cloud storage space for your documents, photos, and videos.

Unlimited hosting features

Fatcow review on other hosting products. 

They have 4-types of products which including original shared service, WordPress optimized plan, virtual server and dedicated servers. Here are the products and pricing:

  1. Shared hosting from $3.15/month.
  2. WordPress blog hosting from $3.75/month.
  3. VPS servers from $24.99/month, 3 packages available and first month 20% off.
  4. Dedicated servers from $149.99/month, 3 packages available and first month 20% off.

When it comes to domain registration, then you get it free with their shared hosting plan. However, if you are just looking for the name itself, then they have made things as easy as possible. You are able to search for the name you desire, then they will tell you if it is available or if there are any alternative domain endings that you can choose. Registering it is straightforward as well and they also provide a pre-registration option that will mean you can secure your name before it becomes available. We should also say that their prices are very reasonable and you should always look out for special offers or discount codes in order to save yourself a bit more money.

Fatcow review on WordPress blog hosting.

When it came to creating websites, WordPress is the favorite option for many. That is why they now offer hosting specifically for WordPress and this in itself is a useful addition to their services. With this, they offer two different plans; the WP Starter pack, and the WP Essential pack although both are relatively inexpensive.

With these two options you get the usual hosting space as well as your own control panel and they also throw in a number of templates and plugins to help you get started. However, with the Essential pack, you also get access to better security and faster connection speeds and, to be honest, this is well worth the extra money especially if you plan on taking your website seriously.

Overall, WordPress hosting is becoming more popular in recent times and what they offer is pretty cool and they will certainly have your WordPress website up and running in next to no time.

Wordpress blog hosting

Fatcow review on VPS hosting.

One area of hosting that has also been increasing in popularity is VPS hosting, which means Virtual Private Servers. What this means is that you have your own virtual server that is not shared with anybody else and it is ideal for anybody that is going to have a number of hits or are worried about security being compromised with others on a shared hosting server.

You have three different plans to choose from depending on your needs and, as you would expect, the more you pay the more you get. The first plan is their basic option and for this you 1 GB of memory, 40 GB of space, and 1 TB of bandwidth per month and that is certainly more than enough for simple websites. The second plan is the business plan and here you receive 4 GB of memory, with 90 GB of storage space and 3 TB of bandwidth and this is aimed more at larger websites with a pretty impressive number of hits each month. Finally, the optimum plan means you have 8 GB of memory, 120 GB storage, as well as 4 TB of bandwidth and this is aimed at very popular websites.
Their VPS hosting gives you so much flexibility when it comes to creating domains and new websites and of course it gives you that added sense of security in knowing that nobody else can affect your website by what they are doing. You will also find it easy to chat to their support team if something goes wrong, then you can look forward to them getting you back online in next to no time.

Fatcow review on dedicated servers.

A dedicated server is pretty self-explanatory and they are having three different plans available to you. The first is their startup package and with this you have 4 GB of memory, 500 GB of storage and 5 TB of bandwidth. The Professional package provides you with 8 GB of memory, 1000 GB of storage and 10 TB of bandwidth and this is brilliant for well established businesses that are really taking off. Finally, there is the Enterprise package with 16 GB of memory, 1000 GB of storage, and 15 TB of bandwidth and this is perfect for businesses that have a high amount of traffic and doing extremely well online. The dedicated server is expensive, but with it you get so much flexibility with a whole host of scripts, security measures, and of course their support team.

Fatcow review on data center facilities.

If we now turn to their data center because this does play an integral role in any web hosting company. They have two centers based in the Boston area and the best part is that they are entirely powered by wind, so are the most eco-friendly hosting company you could ever hope to find.

They have built their network in a way that speeds up the time it takes for somebody to access your website, so there is no waiting time and of course that reflects well on you. They also have 24/7 security and they provide full backups so you never have to worry about losing your website. All in all, their data center is one of the most up to date and technologically advanced you could ever hope to find and that in itself is a major plus point for them.

We just mentioned that they use wind power and they have also gone ahead and purchased some Renewable Energy Certificates and indeed they encourage all of their customers to do the same. Every website that is hosted by them can then put a badge on their site claiming they are eco-friendly and that in itself is a big thing in the world today.
The fact that they ‘generate’ their own power without the use of fossil fuels is not only interesting, but also very exciting and indeed it may very well be the way forward for other hosting companies.

Fatcow review on customer service. 

Finally, we have often made comments through this review about their customer support, but it does play such an integral part in deciding which company to use that we need to mention it again. They have several options available for contacting them and this is key because perhaps you want to call and speak to somebody rather than an email or a live chat. However, each option is manned 24/7, and they do get back to you with answers or sort out your problems in the shortest time possible. You will also find that their staff are very well trained and they can deal with any question that you may have.

Once a while our hosted website will go down and having problem, this is when we have opportunity to reach technical support for help. For these years, their overall customer service is wonderful and we can reach them easily. And here is their contact number, sales number is 866.544.9343 and support number is 888.278.9780.

Fatcow review on money-back guarantee.
However, if you are not happy with your initial purchase, then they do have a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your hosting within the first 30 days. The only thing that you cannot get a refund with is registering a domain name and you do need to use a credit card in order to get the refund. The one thing that we can say is that it is highly unlikely that you will feel the need to do this due to the quality of the service that they provide.

Fatcow reviews on average user rating.

Overall, this is a web hosting company that offers a wide range of services and does so in a professional and reliable manner. Your website will enjoy 99.9% uptime. You get around the clock technical support, and you also get value for money with what they offer.

After years of hosting websites, our website speed is fast and uptime is great. We have seen a lot of benefits and advantages to host with them and customer service is real human too. Basically, this is the most recommended web hosting company and everyone love it. If you have a website or are thinking of getting one, then this is one company that you should seriously consider using.

User rating and votes


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What Makes A Good Product Page?

When you are running an eCommerce website, one of the most important things that you have to do is ensure that that you have a good product page. Your sales page should encourage people to buy your products. You are going to lose a lot of customers when you do not have a good sales page. This is because most people who have the intention to buy products from you might change their mind when they get to a poorly designed sales page. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do to create a products sale page that will encourage potential customers to buy. The things that you should do include;

  1. Use professional site design

Your product sales pages should be professionally designed. Users should be able to see everything they need easily. For example, if the user wants to click on the button that will allow him to buy, he should be able to find it easily. A sales page that does not look professional will drive away a lot of customers.

  1. Provide useful content with features list

At the product page, provide information that is useful to someone who may want to buy a given product. However, you should be keen to ensure that it does not seem as if you are trying to force people into buying the products. Focus on providing information that will help potential customers lean more about the products you are providing. Provide a list of the features of the product on a given page. The more the number of good feature that a customer sees, the more likely he/she is to buy the product.

  1. Give discounted prices and coupons

People love saving money when buying products. Discounts and coupons are good incentives that will encourage many of your customers to actually make a purchase even when looking at products that they did not intend to buy in the first place. You will be surprised by what a small discount or coupon can do. This is because people are always looking for a way to save money. The thought of saving money will make many people buy from you when you provide discounts and coupons.

  1. Use great professional photos

When buying items online, people depend on photos they will find on the product page to know exactly what they are buying from you. That is why you should provide them with high quality professional photos of the products. You should provide photos that show the important features of the products you are selling. Think about what people who want to buy a given product would want to see. The photos should show the products being sold from different angles. Assume that the customers know nothing about the product you are selling and they are going to see it for the first time on your website.

  1. Allow user to give their reviews

You should allow people who have used your products before to leave reviews. Reviews make your website and products seem legitimate. Remember, your customers would want to know what other people who purchased a given product before think. Some people don’t want to buy a product that no one else has bought before. The only way that they can know whether many other people have purchased a given products before is if you allow customers to give their reviews.

  1. Provide various payment options

You should provide your customer with as many payment options as possible. Do not limit them to one or two payment options. Make sure that you are not going to lose customer simply because they can’t find a payment option that they are comfortable using. You should strive to ensure that even the payment options that are not very popular can be used when buying the items on your website.

  1. Have a simple signup page

Make your signup page as simple as possible. People hate websites that require them to fill up a long list. Only include boxes that require information that is important to both you and the customers. Do not include boxes that force customers to fill up information that is not useful to you. There are customers who may give up on buying when the signup process seems to be long. Customers should be able to fill in their basic information within the shortest time possible.

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How to write quality content that drives targeted traffic?

Most business owners who have just started selling or already selling online struggle to get consistent to their e-commerce website. Without web content, you cannot get new customers and without new customers you cant sustain your business. Producing quality within a specific niche topic drives a tremendous amount of targeted traffic or any suggested links.

  1. What quality content entails?

Extensive research to add value to your readers. Research on your topic to provide top-notch content relevant to your readers. Make a name for your site as a source of informative, useful, entertaining and inspiring well researched topics. Search forums in your niche to find out what people are talking about to enable you write about current issues. Your content should be thoughtful, descriptive and emotive to make it interesting. It should have a personal touch so that people reading it can feel as though thy are hearing it from alive person. This proves competency and builds your credibility.

  1. Optimized articles.

When you get traffic from search engines, search for the keywords that are sending you the most traffic. Use these keywords to optimize existing posts by changing their title and description into one that is more focused on potential customers. Know the trending keywords and how much competition is in that area. This increases your chances of getting more search engine traffic as people find your search results more relevant.

  1. A well understood audience.

Research on their behavior, desires, needs, interests, personality, values, customs and attitude. Find out what they want, what they are passionate about, pressing questions and concerns. People want fast solutions. Seek to address those concerns. Limit them demographically based on factors such as gender, education level, marital status, income level and age. This helps refine the target traffic frequently to concentrate them into the target cluster.

  1. Well written headlines.

Generate curiosity driven headlines. They should be eye-catching but not phoney sounding. They should be clear not clever and relevant to your content. Have a clear and concise headline that conveys all the information about the content of the page while being seductive enough to get people to click on it. Research on headlines proven to get many social media networks. You can use tools such as Buzz-sumo to uncover articles with the highest number of shares for any topic.

  1. In-depth articles broken down into more specific terms.

Narrow down the subject matter to the people who want it the most. Hone in on the subject to increase your credibility. Your target audience will even refer you to their networks. Your topic should be engaging and thought provoking. An engaged audience hangs onto your every word.

  1. Eye-catching photos, videos and graphics.

No one learns less by having visual aids. Visual story-telling is an evolving sensation. Including visual items like videos and beautiful themes for your sites not only grabs the attention of your target audience but the aesthetic value makes your site more memorable. Use of “how to” videos demonstrate how to use your products and draws people back to your website.

  1. Consistency.

Having a website or a blog is a commitment. Consistently create high quality content that is relevant and useful to your audience. Update your site regularly so your readers get to know when to expect new content. This earns you their trust and loyalty. The more often you write, the better you get at it.

  1. Strategic social media marketing and link building.

Choose networks that your target audience uses extensively to reach them. Comment and post as a guest blogger on different sites . When you put your thoughts across and people take notice, they follow you back to your website. Convince experts to contribute guest posts on your blog. This provides great content for your existing users giving you credibility and a chance to leverage their brand to get traffic to your site.

  1. Generating ideas from audience feedback.

Apart from enabling you interact with your audience it also ensures you get to measure the content expectation of your audience. You become an authority in your niche when you create a community through which the audience can ask questions gaining you not only referrals but also credibility.


Content is the most crucial part of any website. a site lacking content is like a body without a spine. However good your design or however fast your site is, people visit for content and that is wgat you should be giving them. Good quality web content makes the difference between a user leaving your site within seconds and picking up the phone to make an order.

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Adding customer review feature to your website

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are appreciating the significance of customer review plugins in order to collect customer feedback, gather rating, and assess the performance of their websites. One of the strategies of doing this is through initiating and managing the comments of the clients for their WordPress (WP) blog. Having said that, it is important to explore the available customer reviews and discuss how they can be used to gather customer feedback, rating, and reviews.

Importance of customer review plugins.

There are various benefits of customer reviews plugins for WordPress blog. To start with, WordPress reviews plugins and themes allows clients to leave a rating after reading your wordpress posts. Typically, the reviews are micro-format enabled (hReview). This offers an appealing module that is available not only in English but in other languages as well. Having stated that, entrepreneurs should understand that reviews play a very critical role in defining and determining consumer behavior. This is because human beings are social creatures, and quite a number of their consumer decisions are based on the opinion of others. For example, the rating system is indispensable in the retail industry. Similarly, business owners can use their blogs to make a sustained interaction with their clients.

Second, WordPress reviews and plugins provides an opportunities where users can monitor and increase the following that they command. Showing your clients that you have already established a large following helps you to assume the position of being an authority and an influencer in your industry, field, or niche. In addition to that, the customer review plugins streamlines the testimonials and can optimize the overall customer’s ratings system.

Third, business owners have realized that having reviews of their company and products on various websites is a marketing strategy in itself. However, business owners should also adopt the practice of having reviews on their own websites. Failure to do so will translate to losing a key component of the conversion funnel or sales.

Lastly, customer reviews plugins act as a social proof of your marketing strategy. This is because it acts as a tool of social media integration by including options and comments for publicizing your content. One should bear in mind that curating reputation and connection management is an important tool of social media marketing.

Available WordPress Plugins.

Plugins enable the online users to get acquainted to the reviews of your WP posts in a transparent and simple way. Typically, the reviews are posted on the lower right corner of your website. In addition to that, online users can add reviews from your website. One can also add required reviews from the wordpress administration panel.

Generally, customer review plugins for WordPress posts offer the following features:

  • A management platform for reviews from clients.
  • Rating reviews on a star system, from 1 to 5.
  • Plugin can be used immediately after installation.
  • Anti-spam measures.
  • Fast and lightweight and does not slow down your blog.

There are various types of customer review plugins for wordpress blogs. To start with, WP Review Engine is a premium wordpress plugin that allows users and admins to rate products. Its features include custom fields for the comments, comment ratings, customization of colors and style, Google maps integration, support for multiple languages, and automatically generated comments.

Second, WP Review Store allows customers to create niche review sites. The provider gives out the plugin for free but charges a certain cost for each wordpress review theme. Currently, this theme developer has developed at least eight professionally developed SEO friendly WP review themes.

Third, GD Star Rating is a flexible plugin that is used to provide users with an easy to review and rate comments/pages/posts. Some of its features includes the following: short-code integration, voting rules, IP bans, voting moderation, and caching. This wordpress plugin does not attract a cost. However, assistance from the support department is only available if you purchase the company’s support subscription.

Lastly, WeReview is a wordpress plugin that comes with its own custom post type as well as a short codes. Consequently, it helps you establish a review based sites which is aesthetically appealing. One of the greatest advantages with the plugin is that it is compatible with all the WP themes. It creates an impressive and unique layout and bold colored Call to Action that plays a very important role in conversion.

The role of customer review plugins cannot be underestimated. In fact, it is no longer a preference but a necessity. Similarly, entrepreneurs are using the blog in order to reach out to their existing and potential clients. Customer review plugins for wordpress blog is an ultimate tool of optimizing the collection and analysis of reviews and feedback. Consequently, businesses are making a renewed commitment to plugins. Overall, the use of customer reviews plugins is a viable and sustainable way of maintaining an optimal marketing strategies.

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Magento vs Oscommerce comparison for ecommerce beginner

When it comes to ecommerce solutions that have stood the test of time there is no doubt that a few names come to our mind. These include Magento and OS Commerce. As is the case with any product there is bound to be intense scrutiny and comparison between both these products. There is no doubt that both these are very effective and proven ecommerce solutions and are used by thousands and thousands of webmasters as a prelude to setting up websites that offer ecommerce facilities. In this article we will try and draw a comparison between the two and find out which is a better option. It would be pertinent to mention here that both of them are feature rich and have very unique and versatile functionalities and specialties. Whenever one buy these solutions, their main objective to maintain their online stores with minimum effort. Further when it comes to first time users, the main focus is on ease of use without having to break their heads over it.

  1. The customer is the best judge.

Though critics and products may have their own take as far as these products are concerned, there is no denying the fact that at the end of the day the customer is the king. Hence the best way forward would be to base our opinions and decision on the feedback from customers. This could then be read in conjunction with what experts have to say. There are a few reliable and genuine user feedbacks in the market based on which it would be possible to get more information about magento vs OScommerce comparison for ecommerce beginners.

  1. A few points worth noting.

OScommerce is much older software and hence there is a perception amongst many users that it has been able to incorporate many important and new features which perhaps magneto is trying to replicate. It would be pertinent to mention here that there have been many occasions where new updates kept coming every fortnight as far as OScommerce is concerned. While this might have increased product efficiency, for first time users this could find this to be an area of confusion because they may not be aware as far as such updates are concerned. On the other hand as far as updates and their working efficiency are concerned, magneto has seemingly taken a cue from customer perception. There updates are spread far and wide and this has gone down well with first time users.

  1. Cost.

Cost is another important parameter which decides which is a better product. Since both Magneto and OScommerce are open source software, free to install and use the cost factor ab-initio might not look very relevant. But there are some important points that one needs to closely look at. Both OScommerce and Magneto have community versions available. Though Magneto allows free use of this facility, when it comes to installing the supporting features, one has to pay for it and it does not come cheap. Hence for beginners there is hardly any doubt that Magneto could be out of reach though it might have some useful features. For such beginners with low budgets, OScommerce is certainly a much better option.

  1. Hosting.

Though Magneto is extremely feature-rich but for beginners it could be a complex and cumbersome application. It also needs big storage space and the hosting plan should also be good if the features are to be made use of properly. So if customers are keen on using Magneto they would do better to go in for VPS hosting service providers who can offer much bigger disk space. On the other hand those opting for OScommerce will be able to manage the show with shared web hosting servicing provider and the disk space available is unlimited in this case. Hence, for beginners and start-up companies OScommerce is a better options as far as hosting is concerned.

  1. Payment gateway.

When customers opt for Magneto it allows users to receive payments from almost all payment methods. Hence when there is the payment gateway perspective, it is a much better choice. This is an area where OScommerce has a lot of catching up to do. Further when it comes to identifying special offers and discounts Magneto is a better choice.


From the above comparison it would be difficult to choose which is a better option. But from the beginners’ point of view OS Commerce could be more attractive.

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